Our Expert Team

Our team of engineers has an acute sense of aesthetics and provides security solutions that not only add value to your security measures but also to the overall look and feel of your premises. Our expertise and ability to offer customized and timely solutions and services lend us the competitive advantage.

Business Voice
Contact Center
Network Services
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Management Team

Our management team consists of passionate individuals with the zeal to overcome challenges posed by the ever-evolving world of technology. Guided by our management team, our team of dynamic and energized experts keeps itself updated, to provide the best security solutions for your organization.

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Patrick Juma
Managing Director
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Dennis Syambi
General Manager
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Joseph Nyamweya
Sales & Marketing Manager
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Justus Wanyama
Operations Manager

Product Portfolio

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We transcend beyond being integrated security providers to be your strategic partner and provide solutions for cost-effective and timely security decisions.

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Customer Service

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At Reliance Protection Services Ltd, we have a team of dynamic, motivated and highly experienced customer service managers on call 24/7. The team is readily available and is our service provision auditors. They periodically seek feedback from clients by visits, calls and questionnaires.

Emergency Response Team

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Tailored to respond to any emergency situation howsoever arising, this unique service was conceived to take advantage of the proliferation of mobile telephony to offer security to a wider coverage including: • Roadside rescue services

Alarm Response

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Reliance Protection responds quickly and effectively to emergency situations that may Arise in or near our clients’ establishments, including those involving a security alarm system or burglar alarm. Our alarm response agents will verify the status of your property, facility or residence when any alarm is activated. Once a threat has been identified, the response agent will immediately notify Central Station to dispatch law enforcement.

CCTV Surveillance

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As the risks of burglary and other threats increase by the day, businesses and institutions need advanced ways of ensuring maximum security of individuals and assets. CCTV surveillance is the most robust, convenient and cost-effective means of safeguarding your premises.


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Our Security Officers are selected, trained and equipped for a variety of environments and situations, and are based from our network in East Africa. Our guards are trained to residential buildings; our personnel are specifically trained to match your exact requirements.

Executive Security

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to help ensure the safety of executives when they are travelling to unfamiliar destinations, working on projects, or attending events where they may attract attention. Reliance protection’s executive protection team plans, organizes, and executes comprehensive protection plans for individuals and corporate executives for any delegation or event.

Retail Security

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Retail security is a term with two very different and distinct meanings in the retail environment. In one aspect, retail security is an outdated and understated term for a critical sales support function. We train our Security teams to serve as a real and visible force to combat losses in the stores.

Dog Patrol Services

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Reliance Protection Security’s Dog section is able to provide contract or emergency security dog handlers to cover any workplace. We can provide trained expert staff with dogs, with uniforms to compliment your existing security procedures or we can advise and prepare a tailor made package to meet the individual requirements of each client and situation however delicate or routine